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बॉलीवुड @ 100 : टॉप खलनायक...

As Indian cinema completes 100 glorious years, here is a look at the most popular Bollywood villains and vamps based on a poll conducted by NDTV.

बॉलीवुड @ 100 : टॉप नायिकाएं...

As Indian cinema completes 100 glorious years, here is a look at the most popular Bollywood actresses of all time based on a poll conducted by NDTV.


बॉलीवुड @ 100 : टॉप अभिनेता...

A century of Cinema and the one man who has gone through multiple evolutions has been the 'Hero', with each decade representing a new facet to his larger than life persona. Here at NDTV, we conducted a viewer poll on their top 15 popular heroes in the last 100 years of Bollywood. And the results, least to say, were astounding!


बॉलीवुड @ 100 : टॉप नर्तकियां...

Take a trip down memory lane to rediscover the meaning of 'song and dance' before they became routine. Unconventional looks and small roles notwithstanding these Bollywood divas danced their way into the minds of millions.


बॉलीवुड @ 100 : टॉप देशभक्ति गीत...

Hindi cinema's rich songs of freedom are a perfect combination of music and poetry.


बॉलीवुड @ 100 : टॉप जोड़ियां...

Right from Raj Kapoor and Nargis, whose on-screen romance translated beautifully into real life, as well, to Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol's crackling chemistry in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Bollywood's love affair with the love bug remains eternally enchanting.


बॉलीवुड ने खोजा सफलता का मंत्र...

Karan Johar, Vikramaditya Motwane and Habib Faisal talk to Anupama Chopra about Hindi cinema and how going the desi way is fast becoming a success mantra for top filmmakers.


बॉलीवुड के 100 साल : सितारों का जश्न...

Oscar winner AR Rahman and many other celebrities joined in the celebrations for 100 years of Indian Cinema, a 3-day event called "Cinema 100" held by Subhash Ghai's acting institute Whistling Woods.



जम्मू-कश्मीर चुनाव : एक ही सदन के सदस्यों की सैलरी अलग!

चुनाव लड़ रहे मौजूदा विधायकों की ओर से दायर शपथपत्रों पर यकीन किया जाए, तो विधायकों को उनके कामों के लिए समान रकम नहीं मिलती।